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Help Fund our Film

We have been working for over a year on this project using our own funds and are now in need of finishing funds. 

Some expenses that we still need to invest in includes: additional film production costs, post production costs, travel expenses, distribution costs, and additional expenses to finish creating the film. 


Help us finish telling this incredible story by donating to our film. We chose not to use a fundraising platform because they take a large percentage of the proceeds and restrict when you can use the funds, so we decided to go a different route and create our own website. This film will ultimately work as a marketing campaign for the free areola tattoo non-profit that is in the works.

Our Mission

We strive to help breast cancer survivors with everything we have to give. What we have to give is a talented tattoo artist and an award winning filmmaker. In this documentary we follow the journey of a female artist providing free areola tattoos to breast cancer survivors in hopes of building a non-profit. Located in Norfolk, Virginia, the goal of the filmmaker is to utilize this film to promote the free service, the forthcoming non-profit, and to bring a voice to these women suffering in silence. In unison, the ultimate goal is for the non-profit to become nationally known and accepted with artists providing this free service all over the country. 

Donation tiers:

$100 Social Media Shout out


$1000 Associate Producer credit in film with IMDB credit


$2500 Producer credit in film with IMDB credit


$5000 Executive Producer credit in film with IMDB credit

Tundra beats

Exclusive music artist for the film

Alex Seewald, aka Tundra Beats, is a music producer from Germany with a unique take on Lo-Fi hip-hop and electronic beats. After telling him of our documentary for breast cancer survivors and our mission to eventually start a non-profit, he was so moved by the subject matter that he graciously offered his music to the documentary. His evident passion for helping people and his support of our mission will ultimately help paint the artistic image of the film and highlight the subject matter with a beautiful tone. Although this film is about areola tattoos, the root of the story is in the art and the passion that artists have for sharing their talents. We want this film to personify ART as its own life to show how art can help others. We appreciate Tundra Beats not only for his generous donation to help support breast cancer survivors but also for his beautiful art form that melts the heart and lightens the soul. 

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